Pronounce and Sing Along: I Will Always Love You

Do you want to have fun while improving your American English skills? Here at you can improve your American English pronunciation and comprehension by singing along, learning about, and writing about popular songs.

Step 1

Click on the following link to read the lyrics of the song.  You are encouraged to read the lyrics 2-3 times and try to understand the meaning behind them.  You’re also encouraged to read the lyrics out loud to improve your pronunciation.

Lyrics: Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You lyrics | LyricsFreak

Step 2

Click on the following link to read information about this song and learn more about the meaning behind the song.  How does this compare with what you thought the song was about when you first read the lyrics?

Song Meaning: Why Dolly Parton Wrote the Iconic Song “I Will Always Love You” (

Step 3

Now you can sing along with the song and the lyrics with the video below.  You’re encouraged to sing out loud along with the video at least 2-3 times to improve your American English pronunciation.

Song With Lyrics: I Will Always Love You w/ lyrics – Dolly Parton – YouTube

Step 4

Now that you’ve read and pronounced the lyrics as well as sang along with the song, please share how you feel about this song and what you’ve learned about it by writing in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Pronounce and Sing Along: I Will Always Love You

  1. As a matter of fact I love country music. I know a lot of best country singers and could sing some best songs. Dolly Parton also has been one of my favourite all time artists.
    In my selected songs, country is special.
    Time ago I used to be member of a music club and periodically got lots of country records. Wishing everyon the best I’ll suggest music as a dream that makes you fly.

  2. Pronounce and sing along: ” I will Always Love You”!
    I heard the song, ” I Will Always Love you.” written by dolly Parton.
    (A very romantic song)
    Love comes from within us as selfless people who learn how to open up our hearts regardless of what the other person has done in the past. Love takes a lot of courage and is something we should feel afraid to express. True love is selfless. If we have to let to go of such a person, the pain is felt deep within the heart.

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