How to Speak Better American English Article 7

Learning how to speak American English can be challenging, especially if you’re not from an English speaking country.

There are certain things that are universal to English-speaking countries, and they are the things that you need to learn first before you can speak American English.

STEP 1: Learn About America

It’s important to know about America before you attempt to speak American English. To start, understand that there are several different dialects within the United States. If you’re from California, for example, you may speak very differently than someone from New York.

STEP 2: Learn About the English Language

Speaking American English requires more than knowing about America. You also need to know about the English language itself. If you don’t understand the basics of the language, you won’t understand what Americans say.

STEP 3: Know the Differences Between British and American English

There are several differences between British and American English, including pronunciation, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Knowing these differences will help you to better understand the American accent.

STEP 4: Learn American Slang

The last major difference between British and American English is slang. While American English doesn’t use as many slang words as British English, there are still some words and phrases that are unique to America.

STEP 5: Practice Speaking American English

The best way to learn how to speak American English is to practice speaking it. Start by speaking with native speakers and then continue to practice everyday. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

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