How to Be Successful in School Article 7

The purpose of this post is to help students who are struggling with school.

I know how hard school can be.

I spent most of my teens in and out of school, and I understand the struggles you go through.

When I was in school, I struggled with ADHD and depression.

In this post, I’ll give you advice on how to manage your moods and how to do better in school.

STEP 1: Find A Mentor

A mentor is someone who you can turn to for advice. They can be someone you know personally or a professional you’ve never met.

Find someone who is successful in their field.

Ask them for advice on how they managed their studies.

Learn from their mistakes and successes.

STEP 2: Be Selfish and Focus On Yourself

If you want to improve, you must put yourself first.

School is tough.

There are always going to be distractions.

You have to learn to manage your own life.

When you focus on yourself, you won’t be distracted by outside forces.

STEP 3: Take Care Of Your Health

Taking care of your health is essential.

You can only be successful in school if you stay healthy.

Your body is your greatest asset.

Take care of it.

STEP 4: Get Help From Teachers

Having a teacher who understands what you’re going through can be immensely helpful.

A teacher is someone who has been in your position before.

They can help you with the right mindset and with strategies to overcome your struggles.

STEP 5: Don’t Give Up

If you start feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to give up.


Just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading!

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