How to Make New Friends Article 13

How to make new friends.

There are a number of ways to make new friends, but most require some form of an introduction. A friend of a friend, a mutual acquaintance, or a mutual connection.

This can be a very effective method. In fact, it’s the most common way to make friends.

STEP 1: Introduce Yourself

The first step is to introduce yourself. This is an important part of making new friends. It’s easy to assume that people know who you are, so you don’t need to introduce yourself, but in reality, this isn’t always true.

When you meet someone new, it’s easy to assume that they know you. After all, they were probably introduced to you by a mutual acquaintance. So, you might think, “Well, he must know me. He’s just being polite”.

But that’s not necessarily true. If the person you’re meeting doesn’t recognize you, you’ll need to introduce yourself. And even if they do recognize you, you still need to introduce yourself. There’s a reason you’re introducing yourself in the first place.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about this, it’s okay. Just take a moment to prepare your introduction. Think about the things that set you apart from other people. What makes you unique?

STEP 2: Ask Questions

Once you’ve introduced yourself, you can start asking questions. Ask questions about your mutual acquaintances. Ask about their family. Ask about their job. Ask about their hobbies.

These are great opportunities to learn more about people and to connect. If someone asks you about your family, for example, you can tell them more about your brother.

If you’re talking to someone about their family, ask about theirs. Then, you can talk about your family.

STEP 3: Show Interest

After you’ve introduced yourself and asked questions, the next thing you need to do is show interest. Don’t just say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you.” That sounds like a cop out.

Instead, make eye contact. Say, “It’s nice to meet you”, or “Good to see you again”.

STEP 4: Be Honest About How You Know Each Other

This is a tricky part, but it’s important. When you’re trying to make friends, you don’t want to lie. It’s not the right way to do it.

If you do this, you’ll come across as dishonest. You’ll also come across as a jerk.

If you say something like, “Oh, we met at a party last year”, or “We met at the bar last week”, you can come off as disingenuous.

Instead, be honest. Tell them who you know. Don’t make excuses. Don’t give false information. Tell them how you know them.

STEP 5: Have Fun

Finally, remember to have fun. When you’re having fun, you’re more likely to make new friends.

So, when you’re meeting new people, have fun. Smile. Talk to them. Have fun.

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  1. As a matter of fact I have time that my numbers of friends remain constant. Look like I’m moving in the routine cycle . Growing the community of friends to me means more attention, more open mind, more activity, fun , smile… more good life. So from now on new entries are welcome to me, as well as I’d like the athers do not put borers and conditions in their extention friendship.

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