How to Learn English Faster Article 6

When it comes to English, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Some people are born with an innate ability to pick up languages quickly. Others can barely understand simple sentences when they first arrive in the country.

To speed up your learning process, here are some things you can do to accelerate your progress.

STEP 1: Focus On Your Goals

As I’ve said before, English is a language of action, so you’ll need to find a goal you want to achieve before you can begin to practice. What’s the reason you want to learn the language? Is it for travel, work or pleasure? Once you know what you’re aiming for, you can set yourself some goals.

STEP 2: Find A Language Partner

Learning a language is a lot easier with a friend. Someone who already speaks the language can help you break down the grammar, help you understand slang and teach you how to speak confidently.

STEP 3: Start Practicing Everyday

If you want to become fluent in a language, you have to start speaking it on a daily basis. It’s not enough to sit down and study once a week. Instead, you need to talk about everyday topics every day.

STEP 4: Set Up A Study Schedule

It’s hard to stick to a schedule when you’re still learning. For example, if you wake up early every morning and study until noon, you’re going to miss out on a lot of your day. So instead, you should set up a schedule that fits in with your daily routine.

STEP 5: Be Prepared To Struggle

Learning a language is a challenge. Sometimes, you’ll struggle with grammar and syntax. Don’t worry though, as long as you keep practicing, you’ll eventually get better at it.

STEP 6: Learn From The Best

If you want to be the best at something, you have to learn from the best. Read books, watch movies and talk to native speakers to hear their techniques for speaking English.

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