How to Work Well with Others Article 8

Working well with others doesn’t just happen – it requires a mindset shift.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some incredible people throughout my career, but I’ve also met some very talented people who just don’t understand how to work well with others.

It’s easy to blame others for not getting things done, but working with others is a two-way street. If you’re working well with others, then you’re also working well with yourself.

STEP 1: Get Organized

Being organized is important for any type of freelancer or business owner. Whether you’re using a task manager or a spreadsheet, keeping track of tasks, deadlines and assignments is essential.

When things are organized, they’re easier to manage and keep on top of.

STEP 2: Build Trust

Trust is an intangible but very important part of working with others. It’s something you earn over time, so you have to earn it by being trustworthy.

If someone trusts you, they’ll be more open to sharing ideas and projects with you. This includes feedback, collaboration and even criticism. It’s okay to be open about what you’re working on, even if you think others will disagree with you.

STEP 3: Give Feedback

Feedback isn’t just about helping others improve. It’s also about learning and growing.

Give constructive feedback as much as possible. Don’t just focus on the negative, but also give advice on how to improve.

Ask for advice whenever you can, and consider accepting it even if it’s not directly asked for.

STEP 4: Learn from Others

Learning from others is a huge part of working well with others.

Not only is it beneficial for you to learn new things from other people, but it helps others too.

When you’re open to learning from others, it shows your willingness to grow.

STEP 5: Ask For Help

A big part of working well with others is asking for help.

Ask for help whenever you can, whether it’s asking someone for advice or asking someone to help you complete a task.

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